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Hello and welcome to the membership dashboard of the International Network for Health Workforce Education! In recent months we’ve been working behind the scenes to make our membership services easier for everyone. We received a lot of feedback that needing a login and password to access the INHWE website was just one password too many. For that reason we’ve got rid of the login section of our website altogether and we’ll be replacing it with a more informal membership style. All new members need to do now is sign up for our newsletter and you’ll receive all the same benefits as before:

We’ll still be running all our membership services but making more of an effort to connect our members and bring them together in person and online. For example, we were delighted to welcome over 20 members to the final conference of VRHealthLeaders project in Athens, Greece. We also offered our members reduced entrance fee to our first in person conference since the pandemic which took place in Cardiff, United Kingdom. We’ve also restarted our informal INHWE Meets activities and will soon be restarting our podcast too! We’re really excited about this new, streamlined registration process and hope it’ll see more colleagues joining our interprofessional, multistakeholder community. You can find more information on all this and more through the information provided below.


December 2023 Issues:


Throughout the year (often on the last Friday of the month) we will organise a meet up for our members to come together in a supportive environment and discuss topics that are important to our community. #INHWEMeets are run by facilitators and topics will fall into one of our Working Group or other pertinent areas of interest. To register, all you need to do is click the link below and add your email. Each meeting will last around 1 hour and all members are welcome to attend.


Here are some useful links for members:


Casting the Network is the podcast of the International Network for Health Workforce Education. Each episode we will be introducing a guest who has a story to tell, research to provide or just something interesting to say. We wanted to find a way to share the stories we hear at our conferences and within our network to a much wider audience, including those that have not yet had the chance to attend one of our meetings. We have always given a platform, not only to tried and tested education ideas, but also to new innovative methods and we wanted find even more ways to do this. With this in mind, we’re excited to present to you the ‘Casting the Network’ podcast series.

Casting the Network is sponsored by Lecturio, a global leader in digital medical education. Lecturio believes it’s time to teach evidence-based medicine in an evidence-based manner. It provides the content and digital platform to enable learning-science-based medical education delivery. Lecturio works with any curriculum or mix of learning formats. To find out more visit:


The International Network for Health Workforce Education hosts two types of event each year: one flagship International Congress of Health Education & Research and a number of smaller Regional Health Education Conferences. Our Network also supports its members and other organisations by providing professional conference organisation (PCO) services. Our international and regional events are offered to members at a discounted price.

4th International Congress of Health Education and Research, Wednesday 26th June to Thursday 27 June 2024, Barcelona, Spain (Paid Event – Membership Discount)